About us

Ethical cooking

Long considered South London's most exclusive dining location, at Jethro's Bistro we offer a seasonally-inspired taste experience like no other.

Our world renowned head sommelier Fernando Escobar has personally chosen a wine list to complement the creations of executive chef Laurent Toussant, leading to us receiving five AAA medallions in 2021 alone.

Under the supervision of General manager Benjamin Greenberry, every inch of our restaurant has been crafted to give you the fine dining experience you always dreamed of.

We are fully committed to minimising our impact on the envionment by operating a carbon-neutral restaurant. We are entirely solar-powered, all ingredients are ethically sourced from fair-trade farmers, and we donate 10% of the money that you spend at Jethro's Bistro to environmental charities, so not only can you dine with us completely guilt-free, but you can know that the planet is a healthier place because you did.