Executive ChefLaurent Toussant

Laurent Toussant

Lauren Toussant is the Executive Chef at Jethro's Bistro.

One of the world's foremost chefs, Laurent is the man credited with creating both the chocolate eclair and tiramisu.

His list of awards stretch far beyond Michelin stars. Alain Ducasse once said that "there is not a man alive who can prepare food better than I can. Therefore Laurent Toussant must be super-human, because I cannot compete with his ability to bring food to life and to excite the palate with every bite."

Laurent was once quoted as saying that "I was the chef who cooked for Obama on the night of his inauguration, for Prince William at his wedding to Catherine Middleton, and for OJ Simpson on the night of his aquittal. However, the greatest honour of my life was the moment I was asked to become Exective Chef at Jethro's Bistro."

He brings that passion and excitement to every meal that he creates, and offers it exclusively at Jethro's Bistro.